Thursday, June 6, 2013

5th Grade Monet Garden

The 5th grade students learned about the life and artwork of Claude Monet through a power point.  Students learned that Impressionist painters were more focused on how the light affected their piece of art.  Monet would paint the same subject matter over and over but at different times during the day and different times of the year.  Students were able to view Monet’s Haystack series and discuss what season or time of day they thought the painting was done.  Students were able to create lays of paint using different techniques and Analogous colors to create an Impressionist piece of art like Claude Monet.



  1. These are beautiful!!! I'm pinning!! Would you mind sharing the steps you taught for such fantastic results?? Also is this tempera?
    ~ Kristin

  2. This was a great 2 day lesson!
    DAY 1: Learned about Monet and then Watercolor wash with tempera cakes using blue and green. Then used brown tempera paint for bridge somewhere in middle of art. Used White/Black for shadows and highlights. Used blues greens to paint lily pads
    DAY 2: I demonstrated how to add natural bushes/shrubbes using paint brushes and sponges. Students did a lot of overlapping and color mixing using analogous colors, blue, green, yellow and white. A little pink was used for flowers on lily pads.

  3. Hi Leah. Could you please tell me where you the Monet powerpoint

  4. How long is a daily art class?

  5. I love this! Can you share the powerpoint that you used? I'd really like to try this with my kids. Thanks!