Monday, October 29, 2012

Klee Self Portraits

The 5th grade students watched a video showing many different examples of Paul Klee’s art work.  Students had to write at least five descriptive words that came to their mind when view Klee’s work.  Here are some of the words they wrote: colorful, shapes, lines, weird, crazy, people, creative, imaginative, and pattern.  After seeing the video students were able to learn about the proportions of the face and had to draw their own self portrait.  We overlapped many different shapes and colors to make it look like the style of Paul Klee’s work.  Finally students had to write an acrostic name poem in the boarder of their self-portrait.






Picasso Monsters

The 4th grade students learned about the artist Pablo Picasso through a power point.  Picasso was born in Spain and has become one of the world’s most famous artists.  The students were able to see the progression of his different styles of art.  The Blue Period was a time that was depressing and sad for Picasso.  He showed this through painting his artwork in all different shades of blue.  His next period was called the Rose Period.   He used more bright and cheerful colors.  This was a more happy time in Picasso’s life because he was involved in a relationship with his future wife.  The period that Picasso is most famous for is CUBISM.  Cubism is using various shapes to create multiple viewpoints.  Picasso love to use people as his subject matter.  The 4th grade students created abstract monster faces using multiple patterns in the cubism style that Picasso was so famous for.
(Thanks Mr. E for the great lesson idea)


Van Gogh Pumpkin Patch

The 3rd grade students learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh through a video that showed a little girl interviewing Van Gogh.  We also read the book, The Man with the Yellow House.   We looked at Van Gogh’s artwork and talked about how he expressed his feelings through his art.  We discussed how different colors create different moods or feelings in a painting. Van Gogh used an impasto  technique, which is short, thick brushstrokes.  Students replicated Van Gogh’s style by using short, wavy lines to create their sky.  The students were able to use the cool colors to create their very own
“Starry Night.”


Indian Corn

The 1st Grade students learned about the importance of corn in our society.  They learned that corn is the number one crop in America.  We read the book, Corn By Gail Gibbons.  In this book students learned there are many different types of corn and many uses for corn. Corn is used in many foods such as candy, soda, and cereal.  Corn is also used in glue, paint and soap.  Students also learned that the Indians were the first people to grow corn and that is where “Indian Corn” gets its name.  Students were able to use lines, pattern and texture to create their own Indian Corn.

2nd Grade Fall Tree Sculptures

 The 2nd grade students were able to learn about the different changes that a tree goes through throughout the year from the book, Sky Tree.  We discussed each of the four seasons and what the leaves and tree look like in each of the four seasons.  The students also learned about what a sculpture is and how it is different from a painting or drawing.  The students were able to create a tree sculpture out of a paper bag.  The students learned what the three warm colors are and could choose which warm colors to use for the leaves of their tree.


End of the YEAR Collaboration PROJECT

At the end of last school year we did a collaobration project with all grades.  The start of the day students chose two shapes as a team and painted with black those two shapes throughout their piece of roll paper that covered their table.  Then they connected the shapes with various types of lines.  We discussed patterns, shapes and lines.  Students were given one color at their table and started to paint in the shapes.  Each class that came in next added a little more to the piece of art. Adding lines, patterns, etc.  The goal was to have the whole paper painted with color, lines, patterns, and lines!
They turned out great!  I saved them over the summer and hung them up to start the school year so they halls weren't so bare.  Thanks Pinterest for the idea!