Monday, December 14, 2009

1st Grade: Clay Holders

1st Grade: Kandinksy Paintings

1st Grade: Ladybug Sculptures

2nd Grade: Tree Sculptures

2nd Grade: City Scapes

2nd Grade: Snowmen

2nd Grade: Lizards

2nd Grade: Pianos

2nd Grade: Spiders

2nd Grade: Snowflakes

4th Grade: Memory Quilts

The 4th grade students learned about the artist, Faith Ringgold. Ringgold was not only an artist, but she was also an author. Ringgold is known for using quilts for a vehicle for her stories. We learned about her memory quilts through the book, Tar Beach. Through this book we saw how Ringgold combines autobiography, fictional narrative, painting, and quilt making into one art form. Students were able to illustrate a childhood memory that they remember that had meaning to them. Then they had to draw a symbol that related to their drawing to create a print to add to their boarder. After, they had to create a pattern for their border using different colored squares and wallpaper to create a quilt-like effect. Finally they had to write at least four sentences describing their memory.

4th Grade: Masks

The 4th grade students looked at and studied many different types of masks. We discussed the difference between symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance. Symmetrical balance is when the mask is exactly the same on both sides, and asymmetrical balance is when the two sides are different. We also talked about the difference between 3-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional art. The students were able to create their own unique design for their mask using either symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. Finally students were able to add many fun details to create their 3-D Mask.