Thursday, January 23, 2014

1st Grade Polar Bears


The 1st Grade students learned important facts about Polar Bears from a short Video.  They also learned about the COOL colors and TEXTURE.

1st Grade Owls


The 1st grade students learned important facts about OWLS through a video.  We then learned about the PRIMARY colors through the books, Press Here and Mouse Paint.  Students learned that if you have the PRIMARY colors you can mix them to create the SECONDARY colors.  Students were about to choose two primary colors to create the wings on their owls.  Then they learned that adding white to a color makes it lighter or a TINT.  Students then used their last primary color to paint the body of their owls.  So their whole owls were painted using only the primary colors.  Finally students were able to use oil crayons to overlapped and add more details.

1st Grade Elmer Elephants


The 1st Grade students read the book, Elmer’s Special Day and we discussed what happened in the book.   Students learned that a PATTERN is something that repeats itself.  Students gave examples of many different patterns using colors, shapes, etc.  Students were able to re-create Elmer’s square pattern in the background of their artwork.  Next students each drew Elmer and used shapes and colors of their choice to create their own unique pattern on Elmer.  Finally students learned what TEXTURE is and add various colors of grass to create texture in their art. 

2nd Grade Mona Lisa

The 2nd grade students learned about the life and artwork of
Leonardo Da Vinci.
Da Vinci was born in Italy during the time of the Renaissance.  He was born in Vinci, Italy and also studied art there.  His paintings became famous because he made them look real.  The students learned that he was also a scientist, an inventor, a mathematician, a philosopher, as well as an artist.  Da Vinci loved to write notes along with his sketches, but he was so smart he was able to write his notes backwards.  This meant you needed a mirror to read his writing.  DaVinci is most famous for his painting of  “The Mona Lisa.”  It doesn’t matter what angle you look at her, she always seems to be looking at you.  The 2nd grade students had to decide where they would take Mona Lisa to and illustrate it!

2nd Grade Snowmen

Sorry I could not get these turned the correct way!