Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st Grade Cherry Blossom Scrolls

The 1st Grade students looked at and discussed many different varieties of Asian art. We focused on Asian scrolls. A scroll is a rolled piece of paper which is used to write or paint on to relay information or to be used as decoration. 1st grade students created a decorative scroll with Cherry Blossoms because Cherry Blossoms are popular in Asia. A Cherry Blossom is a type of tree that has lots of little pink flowers on them. In Japan they have an annual celebration to view the Cherry Blossoms. Cherry Blossoms are various colors of pink flowers that bloom only for a couple weeks a year. During this time it is absolutely beautiful because the sidewalks are lined with Cherry Blossom Trees that people are able to walk through to see their beauty. Students were able to view a short video clip to see Cherry Blossom Trees in Japan

4th Grade Asian Koi Fish

The 4th grade students studied Asian Art. We look at many different varieties of Asian art and focused on Koi Fish. Koi Fish are native to Asia and mean “carp” in Japanese. In China they believe that Koi Fish bring good luck and symbolize strength. Koi fish can range anywhere from 1-3 feet in length and live up to an average of 30 years. The students learned that there was one Koi fish that was recorded to live 223 years! Koi Fish are omnivores, which mean they eat meat and plants. The colors of Koi fish are usually warm colors, which include red, orange, and yellow, along with black and white. Most Asian artwork is stamped with a chop. A chop is a piece of jade, wood, or soap stone that the artist carves their name into and then dips it in red ink to stamp their artwork. Each student was able to create their own chop using Chinese characters. Finally they were able to create texture on their piece of art using chalk.

2nd Grade Snow Owls

The 2nd grade students were able learn about important owl characteristics and facts. Students were able to view a short video showing how an owl uses their sense of hearing to hunt their food. Students created a piece of artwork without using a pencil or paintbrush! They used a piece of cardboard to create different size lines to make their tree. Then they used their thumbprint to create three owls somewhere in their tree. We talked about snow owls and why it is important for them to blend in with the snow. Students were able to add details with marker to their owls and finally add glitter to make their art SPARKLE

Monday, January 16, 2012

5th Grade Snowmen At Night

3rd Grade Cardinals

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2nd Grade Mobiles