Thursday, June 6, 2013

3rd Grade Hot Air Balloons

The 3rd Grade students learned about Hot Air Balloons through PowerPoint.  They learned that hot air balloons fly because hot air weighs less than cool air, so by heating the air inside the balloons allows it to float.  Students were able to look at and see various examples of hot air balloons and their bright, bold patterns.  We reviewed horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.  Students were able to use different lines and different shapes to create a unique design for their hot air balloon.  Students had their photo taken and added themselves into their hot air balloon.  Then they used tissue paper and water to create a textured sky background.  Finally students had to write at least three sentences starting with, “If I could fly I would . . . .



  1. These look great, would love to try them with my class in New Zealand. How did you use tissue paper to create the background? Thanks :)

  2. Use water like glue (underneath tissue and on top) let dry and then next day peel tissue off for a nice textured look.

  3. These are fantastic and so doable with young students.