Thursday, June 6, 2013

1st Grade Wildflowers

Students looked at the artwork of Yvonne Coomber and described her art.  Students described her work as, “Colorful, bright and beautiful.”  We had a discussion on what types of things happen in the spring time such as warmer weather, flowers and trees budding, bright skies and animals coming out of hibernation.  Students were able to experiment with the wet on wet watercolor technique for their backgrounds.  We then review the primary colors.  We discussed what a landscape is and how objects in that are closer or in the front of the landscape are larger and as you go back objects get smaller.  This creates depth or distance in a landscape.  Students created depth by using bigger circles in the front and smaller circles as they went farther back.  Students only used the primary colors and were able to review and see how mixing the primary colors they would create the secondary colors.  Lastly students took florescent paint colors and overlapped more circles to create a beautiful wildflower landscape like Yvonne Coomber.
Thank you pinterest for this idea!


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