Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd Grade Guitars

The 2nd grade students learned about the life and artwork of Romeare Bearden through a PowerPoint.  They learned that he was very interested in jazz music and this influenced his art. We discussed the many different instruments that there are in a Jazz Band.  The students also reviewed what a collage is because Romeare Bearden overlapped fabric, photos and paint to create beautiful collages inspired by music.  Students were able to create a music collage using the piano keys pattern for their boarder and designing their own guitar.  Then they overlapped musical notes and sheet music.   Finally we reviewed the various types of lines and students had to fill the rest of their negative space repeating different colors of lines. 



  1. Leah, Would it be possible to get a copy of you wonderful powerpoint for ROMEARE BEARDEN?? my e-mail is Thanks so much!

    1. Did you ever get that PowerPoint? If so can you forward to me? Email is

  2. I love this project so much. Could you please send me the powerpoint presentation? My email is or Thank you so much for this!

  3. Leah, I love this project! Is it possible to forward the power-point to me? my email is I would love to incorporate into our music-themed summer program.

  4. This project is so cool. Please share your PowerPoint. Thanks so much.