Thursday, December 1, 2011

2nd Grade Picasso Guitars

The 2nd grade students learned about the artist Pablo Picasso through a power point. Picasso was born in Spain and has become one of the world’s most famous artists. The students were able to see the progression of his different styles of art. The Blue Period was a time that was depressing and sad for Picasso. He showed this through painting his artwork in all different shades of blue. His next period was called the Rose Period. He used more bright and cheerful colors. This was a more happy time in Picasso’s life because he was involved in a relationship with his future wife. The period that Picasso is most famous for is CUBISM. Cubism is using various shapes and lines to create multiple viewpoints. Students also viewed many of Picasso’s guitar artwork. Students were able to create their own guitar in the shape of their choice. They then used various lines and shapes to add detail to their guitars. Students learned the difference between organic and geometric shapes. Students used Picasso’s cubism style to create their backgrounds.

3rd Grade Giraffes