Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5th GRADE--Abstract Sculptures

The 5th grade students learn about abstract art through a power point. We looked at many different examples of abstract are and talked about how abstract art doesn’t necessarily have to look like anything. What a piece of abstract art looks like to one person, might look like something completely different to another person. We also learned about sculpture and 3-dimensional artwork. The 5th graders created their own abstract sculpture using hangers, a block of wood, a nylon and some paint. When the students were ready to paint we reviewed what a pattern is and they had to create patterns to unify their sculpture.

5th GRADE--Henna Self Portraits

The 5th grade students created henna self-portraits. We discussed what a
self-portrait is and the different proportions of the face. Then we
looked at different examples of henna designs and read about the importance
of henna in some cultures. The students learned that henna originated
from the Egyptians over 5000 years ago and is a symbol of good luck.
Henna is used in countries such as India, Africa and the Middle East for
celebrating birth, death and marriage. The 5th graders were able to create their own henna designs on their hands.