Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1st Grade Snowmen

We read the book, Snowmen At Christmas.  We talked about what rhyming words are and students listened for them in the story.  Students learned how to blend chalk using the color wheel.  They had to put colors next to each other only if they were next to each other on the color wheel.  We talked about what would happen if we mixed opposite colors.  The first graders did a great job with their first experience with chalk pastels!

4th Grade Jelly Fish

The 4th graders watched a video on the Great Barrier Reef and focused on Jellyfish.  They learned lots of fun facts about Jellyfish such as: they don't have a brain, some people eat them for protein, their life span is only a few days to a year, some are bigger than a human while others are as big as a pencil tip, they need salt water to survive, etc.  Students also learned about Analogous color and how artists create value in a piece of art.  Students had to choose analogous colors for their jellyfish.

3rd Grade Sea Turtles

After learning and creating an Aboriginal piece of art and studying Australia all the students learned about the Great Barrier Reef.  They looked closely at the pattern on a sea turtle and learned how to create value in a shape.  Students also discussed how artists do not have to have the whole object in the piece of