Friday, December 16, 2011

4th Grade Pop Art

The 4th Grade students learned about Pop Art, which is short for Popular Art. Pop art started in the 1950’s as a reaction to Abstract Art. Pop artists did not care for abstract art; they wanted to produce art that actually looked like something. So Pop Artists starting producing art that contained consumer products, comics, mass media and advertising. We looked at various examples of pop art and focused on the work of Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol liked to take one image or screen print and repeat it multiple times using various colors. We took his idea students used lines and shapes to create numerous patterns in their art. They were able to draw a hot coco cup six times in their art to create unity. Students were able to create contrast with using black and white against their colorful background.

5th Grade Birch Trees

The 5th grade students studied landscapes. A landscape is a painting or picture of physical elements that are outside including mountains, people, animals, plants, trees, lighting, weather, etc. They were able to look at many different landscapes that included birch trees. We compared similarities and differences between an abstract landscape and a realistic landscape. Students also found the HORIZON LINE, FOREGROUND, MIDDLE GROUND and BACKGROUND in several different landscapes. Students were able to use cardboard and paint to create texture on their birch trees. We discussed how to create depth in a painting by putting larger elements closer and smaller elements farther back in their landscape. Students were able to choose colors of their choice for their background keeping in mind the color wheel when they were mixing. They wanted to choose colors that were right next to each other on the color wheel when mixing. Finally students were able to create shadows on their trees to create more depth in their landscape.

1st Grade Snowmen