Monday, October 29, 2012

Klee Self Portraits

The 5th grade students watched a video showing many different examples of Paul Klee’s art work.  Students had to write at least five descriptive words that came to their mind when view Klee’s work.  Here are some of the words they wrote: colorful, shapes, lines, weird, crazy, people, creative, imaginative, and pattern.  After seeing the video students were able to learn about the proportions of the face and had to draw their own self portrait.  We overlapped many different shapes and colors to make it look like the style of Paul Klee’s work.  Finally students had to write an acrostic name poem in the boarder of their self-portrait.







  1. Very effective. I really like the way you've included some art appreciation into the work :)Elizabeth

  2. Wonderful---and a great study of Klee. Just curious, which video clip did you show the students? I have looked at several on youtube, but not sure which might be best.

  3. Hi!
    It is very nice work. We want to use the same technique but we don´t know the materials you use to make it. Please can you tell me the process?

    Thank you very much


    Above is link to the Klee video I showed, we talked about lines/shapes/colors he used. I also had the students write 5 words to describe his art. Students followed step by step directions to draw their self portrait. Day 2: They they used pre-cut squares of tissue paper and art paste to fill their paper (we talked about overlapping similar colors). Once done they started a name acrostic poem. Day 3: Outline Portait with sharpie and repeated their poem to fill their whole background.