Monday, October 29, 2012

Van Gogh Pumpkin Patch

The 3rd grade students learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh through a video that showed a little girl interviewing Van Gogh.  We also read the book, The Man with the Yellow House.   We looked at Van Gogh’s artwork and talked about how he expressed his feelings through his art.  We discussed how different colors create different moods or feelings in a painting. Van Gogh used an impasto  technique, which is short, thick brushstrokes.  Students replicated Van Gogh’s style by using short, wavy lines to create their sky.  The students were able to use the cool colors to create their very own
“Starry Night.”


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  1. I love how you incorporated the Starry Night with the pumpkins! What a beautiful art! We do a whole pumpkin unit in third grade. So, when I saw this piece I knew it would fit right in! We are going to do this project tomorrow and then incorporate it into a writing lesson next week. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!