Monday, October 29, 2012

Indian Corn

The 1st Grade students learned about the importance of corn in our society.  They learned that corn is the number one crop in America.  We read the book, Corn By Gail Gibbons.  In this book students learned there are many different types of corn and many uses for corn. Corn is used in many foods such as candy, soda, and cereal.  Corn is also used in glue, paint and soap.  Students also learned that the Indians were the first people to grow corn and that is where “Indian Corn” gets its name.  Students were able to use lines, pattern and texture to create their own Indian Corn.


  1. I am thinking about doing an Indian corn lesson. I sure do like what you've done here. :)

  2. I am going to try out the "indian corn" project with my first graders during our plants unit in science. Did you use oil pastels and brown paper towels or is is something else? Thanks for the neat idea.

  3. Actually students just used crayons and yes brown paper towels for husk.