Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5th Grade Victorian House Designs



The 5th grade students studied Victorian Architecture.  We looked at various examples and found similarities between them.  Most Victorian Style Houses have porches, dormers, columns, lots of windows, at least 2 stories, arches, towers and multiple colors.  Students were able to look at different examples and had to create their own Victorian Style House using these characteristics.  Finally students were able to learn how to create their house so it looked 3-D on their paper.  We also review TEXTURE and they created a textured background with some glitter details.


  1. Were these drawings created with silver Sharpie on black paper, then cut and glued to colored paper? I am going to have my students draw their science fiction settings and I love this design.

  2. Yes black paper and metallic marker and then cut out and glued on separate construction paper color. Then texture plates were used as well.