Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3rd Grade Chickens

abstract colors.

The 3rd grade students learned about the artist Grant Wood.  He was born in a small town in Iowa and was born and raised on a farm.  Grant Wood loved living on the farm and had many pets such as chickens, goats, ducks and turkeys.  When Grant was 10 years old his father past away.  He had to move into the city because his mom was unable to keep up the farm on her own.  Grant did not like the city because he felt out of place and was made fun of because he did not dress like the other kids did.   Grant was an excellent artist from an early age on and he did many things revolving around art.  He taught art, made jewelry, learned carpentry, and also decorated people’s houses.  When he joined the army during WWI his job was to paint camouflage on the tanks and canons.  Most of Grant Wood’s paintings were of farmlands because that was a huge part of his childhood.  People loved his work because they could relate to his paintings, and they were very peaceful and calming.  Grant’s most famous painting is American Gothic.  The people in this painting were actually not farmers; they were his sister and his family dentist!  The 3rd grade students learned the difference between a 2-D and 3-D piece of art.  We discussed the various materials a sculpture could be made out of and each student was able to create their very own chicken sculpture.  We also review what ABSTRACT art is and students could choose to do their chicken with realistic or

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  1. These are stunning art projects for such young kids. Wish I had a teacher like this when I was in school. In Portland, OR the school district had an outstanding artist/teacher/administrator, Judy(Madden) Bryant, who had kids doing amazing art projects. I always thought her sessions should be videotaped for inspiration to other teachers and so that kids would have access to her exceptional teaching,