Wednesday, January 22, 2014

4th Grade Self Portraits


The 4th grade students were learning about character writing in their classrooms so we did a self-portrait art project where students had to describe themselves.    We discussed what an adjective is and how it gives more detail and description about a person or object.  Each student had to come up with a list of at least 8 adjectives that described themselves.  As they were doing this I took their photo.  Next students learned about value in art and how it is going from light to dark using tints and shades.  Students had to choose one color for their background and create value using water color paint.  Students used various lines and shape to create patterns overlapping on top of their background.  We also discussed how to create movement in a piece of art using lines.  Finally students were able to use metallic paint to add more detail and pattern to their piece of art. 


  1. what materials where used on this projects , Its awesome

  2. Tempera Cakes for background (discussed value and had to use same color but have tints/shades) Then black marker and photograph.