Thursday, September 18, 2008

3rd GRADE--Aztec Clay Suns

The 3rd grade students learn about the Aztec Sun Stone. The Aztec Sun Stone was an enormous calendar that was 12 feet high, 4 feet thick and weighed 24,000 tons! The Aztec calendar was different than our calendar today because they had 18 months each containing 18 days, which still equaled the same amount of days in year. The Aztec Sun Stone was the inspiration for many people to create artwork revolving around suns. The students were able to see a bunch of different examples of drawings, paintings, ceramics, and sculptures all dealing with suns. Then the students were able to sketch a design they wanted to use to create their clay sun. Finally the students painted their clay suns with metallic colors and turned them into wind chimes using clay beads they made.

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