Thursday, September 18, 2008

2nd GRADE-Henri Matisse

The 2nd grade students learned about the artist, Henri Matisse. We looked at his two different styles of art, which are still life and paper cutouts. We also discussed the difference between abstract and realism in art. The students were able to compare and contrast Matisse’s still lives to his abstract paper cut outs. We also review what a pattern is and the students had to create a pattern in their curtain of their still life. Students also learned about the warm and cool color schemes and chose one of the groups to marbleize a piece of paper for their cutouts. Finally the students were to create a piece of artwork using Matisse’s still life and paper cutout styles.

Another Matisse Project was creating the paper cutout collages that he is famous for. Students learned the difference between geometric and organic shapes.


  1. How did your students make the vases look like marble?

  2. Students marbleized paper first, honestly I cannot remember it's been a few years but I'm sure if you google how to marble paper you can find it :)