Thursday, September 18, 2008

1st GRADE--Mondrian Bears

The 1st grade students learned about
and looked at the artwork created
by Piet Mondrian. They learned the
three primary colors: red, yellow, and
blue through the book, Mouse Paint.
They also learned about vertical and
horizontal lines, and how to use them
to create squares and rectangles.
Each student created a Mondrian inspired
blanket for their bear.

Another Mondian Project that the 1st graders have done is a clay mice piece of art. The students learned about the primary colors and created a grid background to replicate the style of Piet Mondrian. Then they each created 3 clay mice that were later painted with each of the primary colors. The students had to choose where they wanted their mice on their backgrounds, but could not put them on the same color as the mouse. Finally each student work was put together to create a huge class mural.


  1. Ilike the bears they seem like real bears

  2. Awwww t he bears are so cute!

  3. where do you get lesson steps from?