Thursday, December 17, 2015

2nd Grade Jellyfish Sculptures

Whenever there is a music concert I always collaborate with the music teacher at our school and create artwork that goes along with the theme of the concert to hang in the commons for their performance.  The K/1 Concert this year was about underwater songs so all the students created and an art project revolving around the great barrier reef which tied into our Aboriginal Art Unit we just did!  The 2nd graders created these amazing jellyfish sculptures.  We talked about all sort of interesting facts about jellyfish.  Students had to choose two analogous colors for the body for their jelly fish that they formed over a balloon.  Once it was dry we popped the balloon and they were left with the body.  Then they chose colored streamers and ribbon that matched with their jellyfish that I hot glued into the center.  They looked great hanging from the ceiling for the concert!