Thursday, December 17, 2015

1st Grade Leaf Prints

The first grade students learned about the changes that happen to a tree throughout the year from the book, Sky Tree.  After reading the book we discussed the different changes that happen and students had a chance to share which image in the story was their favorite and why.  Students then learned what texture is by feeling the texture on a real leaf.  Students were able to learn about the printmaking process and how when you print something you can get the same image over and over.  Students used white paint to print leaves throughout their paper.  Students also learned about the warm and cool colors.  Students used the warm colors to outline their leaves and the cool colors to print and fill their background space.  Students also learned that when you mix white to a color it gets lighter or called a tint.  Finally students were able to add some gold metallic paint to the veins of their leaves to make them pop out!

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