Monday, February 18, 2013

2nd Grade Clay Owls

The 2nd Grade students learned about and experimented with clay.  Students learned that clay is a material that comes from the earth and can be either white or terra cotta.  Students first had to wedge their clay to get all the air bubbles out.  Next they had to create a pinch pot for the base of their owl.  Students learned how to attach clay pieces by using slip (glue for clay) and scoring (scratching the clay).  Students were able to use various tools to add texture to their owls.  Students were able color their owls in an abstract way to create a very fun clay owl.  Students also learned about the firing process of clay and were able to view the kiln.  Finally students were able to view some videos to learn some important facts about owls.


  1. how did you get the feathers to stick to the clay?

  2. Most of the owls I had poked three holes on top before fired so the the feathers would fit in with hot glue. One class I forgot (the one's actually pictured here and I just hot glued them right to the owl)

  3. Thanks for this blog. I am half ay through the process, they are looking OK. I hope to achieve your standard.