Monday, February 18, 2013

2nd Grade Cats

Laurel Burch is a self-taught American Folk Artist.  Folk Art is artwork created by common people who have not had formal training in art, usually reflecting their traditional culture or everyday live.  Laurel Burch had a rare bone disease that her bones would break very easily.  Sometimes she was in the hospital for months at a time.  Laurel was always incredibly creative. Even during her long periods of recovery when she was forced to paint from a bed or wheelchair, she seldom put her brushes down. Laurel said, “I refuse to have anything in my life that I can’t turn around into something magical and beautiful. I just refuse.”  Laurel love for cats showed in her art.  She painted many different cats with abstract colors and patterns. Laurel’s colorful cats were made into T-Shirts, purses, pins, jewelry. She also loved to make jewelry.  Her jewelry today is known all over the world. 

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