Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5th GRADE--African Serengeti Landscapes

The 5th grade students learned about the African Serengeti. The Serengeti is an area of land over 60,000 square kilometers that is found in Tanzania, Africa. This vast area of land is known for its animal migration that takes place twice a year. The Serengeti has the largest animal migration in the world. Over 2 million animals travel in October from the northern hills to the southern plains. Then in April the herds travel back north through the west. We discussed what migration is and how weather and food affect animal migration. We also looked at the many different species of animals that are found in the Serengeti. We also looked at different landscape examples and discussed the three parts of a landscape, which are: foreground, middle ground and background. Students were able to choose animals of their choice to create a landscape of the African Serengeti. Finally they were able to use symmetry using different African symbols to create a boarder for their landscape.

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