Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4th GRADE--Wright Stained Glass

The 4th grade students learned about the life and work of
Frank Lloyd Wright through a power point. They learned that
he is one of the most famous architects known. He not only
designed the houses and buildings, but he also
designed the interior spaces as well. He was born in
Wisconsin and built many of his projects right here
in Wisconsin. Frank Lloyd Wright was also known
For his stained glass he created. The students learned
About the different geometric shapes he repeated
in his stained glass. Students were then able to
create their own stained glass design in the style ofFrank Lloyd Wright.


  1. what materials were used for this project?

  2. I had a whole bunch of vellum paper donated, so the students used black sharpies and paint on the vellum paper. Then the board is cut from black constuction paper!