Monday, March 9, 2015

2nd Grade African Giraffe's

The elementary art teachers in our district a few years back were about the put together cultural trunks, each teacher houses one at there school (about 20 trunks) and we can check them out throughout the year.  They are great because they have everything you need for bulletin boards and lesson plan ideas to incorporate different culture into art.  I currently have the African trunk so each grade level is doing an African project.  My 2nd grade finished first with some beautiful African Serengeti Giraffes.  We did discussed what symmetry is and they had to create a symmetrical boarder using geometric lines and shapes.   We also discussed contrast and how coloring some areas in black really made their pattern "pop".  Students used tempera paint for sun and tempera cakes for rest of sky.  Finally draw with pencil the acacia tree and giraffe, then outlined with black marker and finally painting in with black paint.


  1. I love seeing your posts! They give me ideas for things to do here. Beautiful giraffes.

  2. I like the idea with symmetrical ornaments. I think that's a really good example for children. Besides your using the sunset and objects that are black on it's background is very original way to explain what contrast is and I do really like it)