Friday, January 18, 2013

4th Grade: Ornament Collage

The 4th grade students created an ornament collage. Students learned that a COLLAGE is a piece of art that had many objects overlapping on top of one another. We also discussed different ways to create a unique and interest composition. Students were given three guidelines to create their collage: they had to have at least nine ornaments, at least two of them had to be cropped off the paper, and they had to have a variety of sizes. Next students learned what VALUE is and how value creates dimension on a flat shape. Students were able to create value on each ornament using watercolors. Students could chose to add garland if they wanted to create MOVEMENT in their art. Finally students had to add a PATTERN on at least three ornaments to create VARIETY and interest. We talked about spreading the patterns out through their art to create movement throughout their piece of art.

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  1. Hello! I love this project because it ties in so many of the art elements. I was wondering what media the students used to create their beautiful artwork? Thank you!