Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2nd Grade Mobiles


  1. Leah, what are these made out of? They look really nice.

    I'm always scared to do mobiles because everything gets so tangled when you work on them. How do you manage it?

  2. We had tons of velum paper donated and I never found a good use for it. So we cut it up and used it for mobiles! I was hesitant to do them to, but our music teacher always likes to have hanging art for decorations for the winter concert so we attempted and they turned out great. Each student kept their strings separate while they were stitching them. 6 circles on each string. They each got 2-4 done in one day. Then to keep them from tangling they piled each string of circles ontop of each other, and put them in a folder (So each string of circles was a pile). I made sure the folders stayed flat so they wouldn't tangle. Then the next class they finished each had to have at least 4 strings of circles. Then when they tied each string to the wire (I had wire pre-made into circle for them) they had to spread them out. Then I tied the paper clip on and hung it up right away. To take them home the students piled each string of circles ontop of each other and then cliped them with a paper clip. So when you picked it up it looked like only one circle hanging instead of 6! The paper clip also gave it extra weight so it wouldn't tangle when taken home. (Hope this makes sense!)

  3. Hi
    I just discovered your blog through Pinterest and had fun looking back at all your great ideas!! Thanks.