Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kandinsky Trees-1st Grade

The 1st Grade students studied Wassily Kandinsky and abstract art. They each were able to make a cicle for the large collaboration tree and then they each created their own little tree!


  1. These look fantastic, your students have done a great job

  2. Love this project! How many classes did you work on it? I am a K-1 art teacher and am always looking for new & fun ideas!

  3. I did the giant tree with 4 1st grade classes. It took one day for them to each make a giant circle for the collaborative tree, and then 3 classes for their individual trees!

  4. Hi! I was searching through Pinterest, when I caught sight of your project. I love it and was wondering if you could share the proper steps to creating it. I teach first grade and we have a story in our reading curriculum called "The Dot". I think this project would be a great thing to do that week as we talk about creativity, art, and famous artists.

  5. 1st Day: Talked about Kandinsky Abstract art and each child traced three circles and layered them for the giant tree.
    2nd Day: Followed step by step directions to draw tree trunk on Black paper and cut and glued onto color of their choice
    3rd Day: Traced smaller cirles (8 times each size) and cut
    4th Day: Glued cicles in layers, glued on tree, added glitter, and used markers covers to print circles in background!

    They turned out amazing and lots of comments at school on the large tree! :)

  6. Leah,
    Would you mind to share what the step by step directions are for drawing the tree trunk? They turned out really well! I know my kids would end up with tiny, skinny little trunks!! LOL!!

    1. Hi, may I answer, too? My students put their hand and arm on the paper, finger "spread out" like branches, then trace arm and hand. AFterwords they chance each finger into a branch with at least 2 further twigs. it worked fine!

  7. I just draw one line at a time on the board (I have a giant square drawn to that represents "my paper") Before I going on to the next line I walk around a check to see if their trunk/line is correct and if not I give them suggestions :)
    It's funny because I always hear "I can't do it, can you do it for me!" By the time the kiddos are in 4th, 5th grade they don't ask me to do it because they know I won't do their art for them :) I will show them or draw it on a different paper but I won't draw it for them on their artwork! Hope this helps~

  8. Do you use something specific to teach about Kandinksy? I can't find too many kid friendly stories about him.

    1. Use the book "The Noisy Paint Box" by Barb Rosenstock! Such a beautiful book.

  9. I love this. I teach K-2 and am going to give it a whorl!

  10. These are beautiful. I always do something about Kandinsky and now I want to do these. Really neat!

  11. These look fantastic! How do you do the green background?

  12. very cool starting off the year with first grade trees - awesome idea!

  13. amazing work kids love to do these kind of activity

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