Monday, June 6, 2011

Magazine ART


  1. Oh, I just LOVE those dragonflies! (Since I can't have a real dragon, they are a good substitute). They look pretty simple, but can you give some specifics on how you cut/folded the magazine pages? I want to make these!!!

  2. Hi Phyl,

    They were SUPER simple to make and the kids loved them! THey had a 60 minute art class and most of them got to make 3-5. Great "last day of art" project. I had the kids look through magazines and fine 6 COLORFUL pages. Then they brought them to me and I cut 3 6X6 inch squares and then 3 7X7 inch squares. They accordin folded them on a diagonal. One small square and one large square (make sure they are centered) wrap with a pipe cleaner and open the wings!

  3. Thanks. I'm going to try it out tomorrow :-)