Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1st Grade Asian Scrolls


  1. Hi Leah,I just found your blog and very happy I did, you are very talented and creative.
    I would like to make this project with my students, but just couldn't figure out what was the technique you used, looks like a cut out and glued fish printing to me... Could you please give a little explanation. Thank you very much!

    Olga F.
    art teacher in private studio

  2. Hi Olga,

    I had the students use water and tissue paper to create background (when dry the tissue paper comes off leaving a wonderful effect). Then brushed chalk from a curved piece of paper onto the background. Then added a cut out fish print. Finally printed their name in Chinese from foam board onto the black strips to complete!

    Hope this helps!

  3. Is there a trick to the fish printing? Could you please explain that process? I'd so appreciate it! Thank you!


  4. I had the kids paint the rubber fish molds with black tempera paint, then they printed on a white piece of paper. I walked around and helped them push down to make sure they got a good print. Then the next class they cut out the fish and added them to their scroll.