Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5th Grade Portrait Collage


  1. Hi! I was wondering how large you made this collage and if you had any specific directions for giving the students. Would love to try this with my fifth graders! Any insight is greatly appreciated!!

  2. 12X18 Paper
    Day 1: Students had to come up with 5 descriptive words about themself and had to finde the letters in magazines. I took their pic while they were working.
    Day 2: I gave them tons of scrapbook paper and showed them how to cut/balance larger pieces and also add ther pic.
    Day 3: Added their 5 works glued the letters (if didn't have time to find all letters they hand wrote the letters/words) I showed them how to add smaller details
    Day 4: Add more smaller details and finally added patterns with markers in empty space!

    They all turned out nice!

  3. I had pre-cut strips of paper cut for them to glue their magazine letters onto!

  4. Thank you SO much! I love your blog...great resources for those of us that need fabulous ideas. THANK YOU!!!