Thursday, June 6, 2013

1st Grade Cities

The 1st Grades students learned what a “skyscraper” is and were able to see a short video clip showing the top ten largest cities in the world.  After the video we had a discussion on different shapes they saw.  We discussed how buildings in large city are very close to each other and sometimes look like they overlap each other.  Students compared the different between 2-D shapes and 3-D forms.  Students were able to use rules to create four 3-D buildings for their city.  We discussed the different geometric shapes and students had to use these shapes to add windows to their buildings.  Students used markers and water to color their buildings.  Finally we read the book, Press Here, by Herve Tullet and were able to review the Primary and Secondary colors.  Students were only given the primary color oil crayons to create a firework display in their sky.  Students were able to experiment with mixing the oil crayons to create the secondary colors.